Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have decided that Thrusday is my new favorite day of the week because I actually get up in the morning go to school, but then I can stay up all late and stuff because I have nothing to do the next day. I mean I always have something to do but it's never something that is earlier than 10 or 11 o'clock, which is awesome!

So I am going to Toledo for Spring Break this year...which is kind of lame because I won't be out in the sun or anything, but I get to see my family. My brother is in grad school up there and he is really excited to see least I hope so! I know that he wants me to go out with this friends, which I am actually kind of excited about. I mean I know they are history losers, but really I am a psych loser so it will be good. Plus I get to see my aunt and uncle who spoil me rotten and my grandma. I get to stay at my grandma's house this time, which is bad and good. I like staying there because the bed I sleep in is so nice and the room is completely dark, but I feel bad smoking at her house. I mean she use to small and all, but that was like a million years ago when people didn't know how smoking was bad...or how bad it really was! But I guess that's the same for my aunt's house too, but my uncle smokes sometimes.

I was orginially going to take the train, but it would take 12 hours and the train would be there at like 4 am. So I found a flight that was really cheap. I am really glad I am fighing and hey this is the first time I take a plane alone. Actually this is my first time traveling alone. Most of the time when I go places its with my family, so there is no reason to travel alone. I really excited that I finally can be on my own. My mom and dad get so stressed about leaving, but I don't. For one thing, I start packing like a week in advance, so I am not stressed the night before. And another, I am always early. I can never be late because I plan out everything. If the plane is late I can't do anything about that but I will be at the airport in time that there is no way I can miss my flight!!

Ironicly, my senior year of high school, I went to Toledo for Spring Break. I don't remember might just have been that my dad had the time off. My sister, my dad and I went in the car. It was pretty good, expect for driving through PA. My dad was on the phone with work and my sister couldn't drive (she was 13 or 14), so I had to. I remember it snowing the whole way that I drove. I also remember that there was so many HUGE trucks on the highway. It was really my first time driving on such a big road. I think I cried after I was done...haha! That definetly makes me laugh now. How stupid was that??

So, my dad is "doing better"...whatever that means. I know that he has only been in therapy and on meds for at the most 3 weeks, so I know that he can't be doing that well. But hey what do I know??? I do know that he screams a lot less often now, which makes my house more sane. But NOT SANE!! I've been raelly stressed out lately so I haven't really notice too many things different, but hey like I said what do I know??

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