Friday, May 2, 2008

The semester is over...except for Finals

So the semester is over! I am done with class for the my undergrad college career. It is an awesome feeling. Now all I have to do is finals, which is maddening, but I still have to graduate.

So I did something that is making me angry. So I pretty much told the group that if they missed the last class, which was yesterday, then they were SOL. The professor went over all the material that would be on the final. He would say "know x, y, and z" and of course we wrote everything done. That is one thing I learned in to write fast. Anyway, I was think fuck the group because I made it to the last class and there is really no good reason to miss the LAST CLASS! I told my group this in an e-mail. Then sent two people an e-mail saying that this did not apply to them because I knew why they weren't there and everything. So I was sitting around after writing this e-mail. I started feeling guilty. I was think what I would think if someone in the group had said the same thing to me if I didn't go to class...well I would have been pissed. So I spent the next 2 hours typing up everything that the professor had said in class. I also wrote the extra credit question that were handed out in class. NOW I feel stupid! I can't believe that I felt so guilty that I spent 2 hours of my life giving information to people that don't deserve it. Only one person has e-mailed me back and said thank you. She was telling me that I didn't need to do it or anything. And I have a feeling that the people who weren't in class will feel the same way. So that means that my 2 hours doesn't mean anything to them. I am so mad!!!

Moving on...I can't believe that I am still waiting to find out from this job! I know that this is normal, but I am very impatient! I just want to know what they are or aren't looking at. I know that I still have a chance because they are waiting on my reference who isn't in the office until today. I really hope that she is there today. But then I got an e-mail from an other company that wants to hire me. I told my mom that I am not looking for a job until after graduation but she said that I better call them. I don't really know what to do. I kind of just want a summer or something. I know that that is not going to happen, but hey a girl can dream...