Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This is so my Life!!

So today was interesting and its only the afternoon. This morning I woke up and did my usually routine. Then I decided that before I get dressed, I should change the tire on my car. It has been bad for awhile and I thought that there must be a whole in it. I have a full spare, so it would be all good.

As I had lifted my car up and was trying to get the bolts off the tire. Well when it was in the "air," I couldn't because I had to step on the lossening thing and in the "air" the tire would move from side to side and I didn't want to get hurt. So I brought the car back down and started to remove the was fine until I took off the last bolt. The tire and the bolt only like snapped. Not off, just forward, where my finger was. I was bleeding so I went inside and overed it up. I had to finish the tire, so I did, with a bloody finger.

Once I had the spare on, I start to lower the car. I notice that as I did, the tire got flatter and flatter. I knew that I had nothing at home that would fill it up. So with my bloody finger and in my pj, I drove on a flat tire to the gas station to fill it up. Luckily I got there before on guy pulled in. It took forever, because the tire was so flat.

So I get back home, and I am like "Fuck it's 11 o'clock and I still have so much to do!" I decided that to wash my face I had to unwrap my finger. I looked at for real for the first time. I was like "Holy SHIT!!" I called my mom, who is a nurse and asked her if I need stitches. Well she made me call the doctors office. The nurse said that is doubted that I need stitches, but I needed a tetanus shot because I hadn't had one in like 7 or 8 year. So I told her that I needed to get dress before I came.

My appointment was a 12, but they didn't see me until 12:30. My mom works at the same doctors office so she came with me. Then they gave me the shot and bandaged it up. So now I am home and have done mostly what I need to do, but my finger fucking hurts like a bitch! I still have class tonight but with all this drama in the morning, I am worn out! Just thought I'd let people know!

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liz said...

Yikes! Sorry about that! Would cake help?