Saturday, February 2, 2008

What is this 4 blogs in one day??

Well I am bored again. Just going to say whatever is on my mind. First off, I can't decide if I really like people not reading my blog or not. I mean really it doesn't matter. I'm sure that people could say whatever they want and I would still do my own thing. But it would be nice to know that somewhere in the cyber world I have a friend...

That brings me to my next topic...friends! I am not sure if I have any real friends. I have people that I talk to and people that I eat lunch with. But really they do most of the talking and I do most of the listening. I kind of hate it. I know that people are selfish, because I can be selfish too. But I think I know when to be self-less. I know that if someone just needs to bitch, they just need to bitch! They probably don't even care what I think or say. I know most of my "friends" consider me their bitch girl. I am! I've been through so much therapy that I know how to listen and when to talk. Most of my friends are female, so they usually complain about their boyfriend. They think I know a lot about boyfriend or just relationships in general because I've had a lot of them. But sadly I just know when it is over. I don't know how to predict when it will be over, but when it's done I know it.

Kind of keeping on the friends topic. A girl I went to high school with is getting married today...and no I am not invited. Actually only family is invited and I don't even think her brother or sister are going. But she wanted to hang out with all her friend from NOVA, before she moved down to North Carolina with her new military husband. I was actually really excited for that. I mean this girl and I hardly hang out anymore because she always is in a relationship. So I thought "Hey we can hang out just girls and drink until we pass out!" Well all her other friends from NOVA (that I don't know) wanted to go into DC clubbing. I hate clubbing! I am not so good with crowds (maybe thats why I blog), so I told her "Hey why don't you and me go out for some drinks!" She just didn't call me all! I kind of still can't believe it. I know that she is getting married and all. Plus she has to move all her shit down to North Carolina, but a call back would have been nice. See but I know this girl, when she cames back to NOVA in the summer before her husband goes to Iraq, she will want to hang out. She will call me and want to talk about how her husband is going to die. She will want to be like everything is okay...but its not! I want to be like "What the fuck, bitch! You didn't call me before you left, to even say you can't make it for drinks! You just left! I know that we are the greatest friends anymore but still...we are fuck off!" But I won't I will be all happy that she is back. I will listen to everything she has to say. I won't even mention that we didn't get drinks, even though I will think about it.

Another thing I hate is when people pretend to be my friend. My family and this family that we are getting together with today, do everything together. Everything! I mean every fucking holiday, birthday, anything. Like Christmas, the Superbowl, the fucking kentucky derby....who the fuck "celebrates" that?!? They have a girl that is my age. I've known her since I was born - she is 9 months older than me! She lives in Richmond where my brother use to live, so she is more friends with him then she is with me. Now my brother lives in Ohio and can't really get down here for everything that our families do together. And frankly she doesn't came up from Richmond every time we do something together...but moving on...When my brother is not here, we are friends! She talks to me like nothing has changed! We are all still friends and stuff....she acts like she really cares whats going on with me...but I know she doesn't because of her body language! But if my brother is here...OMG, you better believe that she doesn't even know me! She like acts like I am someone she just meet. True story, on Tuesday she called me when I was in class. I was really surprised! I thought it might be like my mom or some shit, but no it was her. She wanted to talk about something my brother had said over winter break! That was like at least month ago. He told me that if my graduation and her graduation were on the same day, that he would only go to her's. I pretty much start...well I fucking don't care, do whatever you want! But of course, it got around to all the families, that my brother doesn't want to came to my graduation! So she called me to talk about how he was an ass-hole!! Whatever dude!! My brother has missed most of the important stuff in my life, so its not like it's anything new. And frankly I didn't believe him!! One reason is because I knew that my graduation and her's wouldn't be on the same day. Mine is during the week and VCUs is usually on the weekends...hey guess what?? I was right! But that is beside the point...I don't care if you think my brother is an ass-hole!! My brother will do whatever he want, whenever he want. Why don't you can't you call me when you want to talk to me!

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