Friday, February 1, 2008

Water Water everywhere!!??!!

I have found out today that a person needs to drink six to eight glass (8 fl oz) a day. That is anywhere from 48 to 56 fl oz a day. That is pretty good. It's actually more if you are more active than me. So I figured out that yesterday I drank almost 90 fl oz of water. Is this bad? I don't really enjoy water too much. I rather be drink something else like grape juice than water, but water really makes me not thristy anymore! However, I am doubting that as well. I drank so much water yesterday that I was peeing like 3 times an hour. Which would be fine if I was just at home, but I had four classes yesterday. By the end of my last class (which attentence is required) I had to pee for like five minutes. I am getting really concerned about the water drinking now.

This morning I had to get up at 6 am to use the bathroom, then I went back to bed. Then I wake up for real at 10 am and had to use the bathroom again. Then I had a cup of coffee (which usually makes me need to pee) and at 10:45 had to pee again. But I didn't just pee a little. I peed for what felt like 10 minutes. Then by 11:30 had to pee again.

My mom is nurse and told me that since I am quiting smoking that maybe this is just what my body needs. Others have told me that its because it's really dry out. Still others have told me that it may not have a reason because I am only drinking when my body is thirsty. My body wouldn't make me do something that its not suppose to do right? I mean we are not like horses that would eat themselves to death if they had the chance, right? But I also do know that if you drink too much water it will kill you. I seriously doubt that I am drink that much water, but 90 fl oz is a lot. I mean could my body want to kill me?

I really should go see a doctor because as you can tell this is really making me nervous. I hate doctors though. They always want to me to do test after test after test. I am sure that this drinking of water will pass. Well at least I hope!

On a different note: Today is Heart Disease in Women Awareness. Everyone who wants a cure for heart disease in women (the number one killer of women) should be wearing red today!!

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