Thursday, February 7, 2008


So my friend, who we'll call OMGMyBoyfriend, called yesterday, and surprisingly she want to NOT talk about her boyfriend. She called me to let me know that we should do homework when we meet up between classes. We only meet on Thrusdays because she has a late class. But why did she call me to say that we should do homework? I mean she could have told me today! So this is my theory...

She is in a fight with one of her good friend, CrackGirl, who is kind of cool...except for the Crack part. Anyways, OMGMyBoyfriend calls someone ever time she is going to gym. So she is wants to call me. Well, she doesn't really have anything to say, so she talks about something that doesn't matter.

I don't care that she called me before going to gym, or that we are doing homework today between classes. I am mad that she called me with nothing to say other than "we are doing homework." The big topic with my friends lately is the whole Senioritus (or how ever you spell it) thing, I wouldn't mind talking about that. School talking is not an issue either. But this like with RichmondGirl called me to bitch about my brother. I just don't care.

On another note, I saw an old "classmate" yesterday, and said likely I don't know his name. I really like him. I mean he's hot and everything, but he is just nice! I don't even really know why. He said I should call or something, which I might because I do have his number in my phone, but I just don't know his name.

I could totally date him, if he didn't have a girlfriend! I use to be a homewrecker, but now I am reformed. And actually it was only one relationship I wanted to wreck and it would have fucked up my life too. Anyways, this NoNameGuy has a girlfriend that he always talks about. I think its really nice and refreshing to hear positive things about your significant-other. OMGMyBoyfriend, always bitches about her's. I am to the point that I kind of don't care.
The point is I guess, that I am sick of people who pretend to care. I know I should be grateful that I have friends at all, but I want friends with substance. Not some superficial bullshit that makes me mad.

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