Saturday, February 2, 2008

Vagina Monologues

Last night I went to Vagina Monologues with my friend at Mason. We had seem it before for a class, but this time it was better. They had some of the same monologues that they did two years ago, but it was still awesome.

The whole point of Vagina Monolgues is to stop voilence against women. They tell story about women that have been raped and hurt by men. This then made them ashamed of their vaginas. It is really sad. Now there is even a day for this VDay, 2-14. It has been happening every year since 1998 and will continue until all women are safe from voilence. This makes me really happy because I want all women to be safe.

Being a victum myself, I feel like everyone should see vagina monologues to see what happens when women are disrepected and rape!

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