Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Me Bitching

So I am kind of sick of school and right now I think that I am getting sick. I don't need nor want to get sick right now. I have the Spice Girls Concert on Thrusday!! But if I feel this way tomorrow I am not going to go. That makes me so mad!! I have been waiting to see them since I was like 10 and now that I am 21 I am sick for their concert...lame!!!

But on a different note, I realize how unhelpful people are for "group" work. I have a homework assignment in my I/O psyc class and I have to ask 4 people to help and well none of them really want to help. It makes me rather upset because I would help people if I had to. Whatever, the homework is stupid anyways. I know people in my class were pissed off that we had to ask other people for help. I understand why we have to do this, but on the other hand its a pain in the ass to get other people to help you. It would be better if I could use people from class, which I don't know if I can do!! It makes me so angry!