Friday, February 8, 2008

Morning Bitchiness

So I have decided that tires in general suck. I got up today very stressed out...but hey its Friday and I have nothing to do. I was checking my e-mail to see if people from my study group have e-mailed me...and they haven't. Then my sister called to tell me that she has to change a flat tire. I of course asked Which Fucking Tire Is It?? It turns out that it is the front drivers side tire...yeah the one I just changed. I told her that since we haven't gotten a new tire from Wednesday crap, that she would have to put the crap-no-tread-tire back on. Then there was compliation with getting the flat tire off, but I guess she figured it out. I couldn't help but over the phone because I don't have a car. I guess it is at the point that we need to pay two new tires. One as a spare and one to go on the car. But really you're not suppose to do that. You should put the two new tires on the car and make the front passagener side tire the spare...all I have to say is WHATEVER!!

Then with that situation kind of resolves (well as much as can be with her at school) I called my internship...or should I say the place I am trying to get an internship. I'm pretty sure that the woman I talked to was telling me that I wasn't going to get it. But she didn't actually come out and say it. Those of you that know me, know that this pisses me off. I need the straight, upfront new, not some "well I don't know...maybe...we'll see" shit that people do. This made me decided that I need to start looking for a job now...for the Summer of course. So I sent my resume to place that is looking for an HR assistant right now. They said they would keep my resume and if there is openings in May, they would let me still nothing!

I have officially hate everything that is going on in my life...bottom line! I have two test on Tuesday, and a rought draft due. I also have to read like 40 some pages for another class. Then I have homework due on Thursday...fuck it all. I am like passed stress and going into an emotional and mental break down. I am beyond done with everything! So I don't have a job/internship, and I have an ass load of homework to do. It fucking sucks! I feel like I need a break, but I haven't really done anything today. I am so angry that I don't even know what to do. I really should find a way to de-stress/stop a mental break down. But I am so bored that I can't think of anything...this sucks.

On top of it all, finger really hurts! I really shouldn't be typing right now...I am sure my finger is bleeding or some shit. I feel like people don't believe me...but why would I lie about that??? Really I don't want sympathy I just want people to understand that I am so overwhelmed I don't know what I am going to do with myself. I need to make a plan for my homework. That way I will feel better about getting everything done. But right now I just want to sleep...

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liz said...

I hope your finger feels better by test time Tuesday! And that all the tire issues get fixed by then too.