Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Test day/Primiaries day

So today should have been a good day, but actually its really stressful. So far I've had only one test, which was relatively easy and now I am waiting for another class to start. I am nervous about voting...not the actual picking the person, but the whole having to drive there after school and get in a fucking line with people that are bitchy. So how I always get behind the person who wants to complain about everything. Most of the time I just nod my head and are grateful I won't have to do this shit again for a year...but not this year!! But today would not be a good day to fuck with me...I am stressed.

My second test today is freaking me out and I really don't want to take it! I don't know difference between certain things and I really hope that I don't get shit wrong...I want to get a 100, just to piss him off! He said that no one would get a 100 on any of his test...so of course I want to prove him wrong! Even if I don't get a 100, I want like a 98 or something close...just as long as its an A! I really want to get straight A's this semester which is what I did last semester, but I so don't care about my classes. I really don't want to go to my class that starts in an hour! Fuck that English bullshit!!

The medical tape on my finger smells funny...I know random, but I been smelling it all day and I finally figured out what it was! I hate this whole finger thing...I can't even bend my finger very well...Like right now it is really hard to type and I have to type funny so that I can get all the keys. Fuck this bullshit!!

So today I brought an LSAT's book! I am thinking about taking it,but I don't really know yet. And the book is not helping me in that situation! It pretty much told me that this would be the hardest test I would ever have to take, and that it is really important that I do well...well fuck that! I am just reviewing because it is not a content based test it is more logical shit!

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liz said...

It's not the hardest test you'll ever take...'cause it's just a test. You've taken 'em before, you'll take 'em again and you piss bigger tests than that before breakfast!

I was #620 out of about 720 voters at my precinct today. MM was a great help.

Dems outvoted Reps by more than two to one! And more than twice the number of expected voters came out to vote today, our precinct had to get more ballots!

This is amazingly exciting!