Wednesday, February 13, 2008


My test was okay yesterday! I think it was what the professor wanted! There were some really hard questions that I didn't even know what he was asking and then there were others that were really simple! I am glad the first test is over!! It makes me feel so much better! Now we all know what his test are going to be like!

Voting was fine too! I got out of class at 5:40, and the polls closed at 7, so I thought I would have plenty of time. But then my car was frozen and traffic was horrible! But I made it there at about 6:35, so it was all good. Then one guy asked me if it was my first time voting...I didn't know if I should be offended or glad that I look like I could be 18! I even think that guy has seen me before...because he is always at the voting place. I usually vote a lot earlier but yesterday morning was stressful with all the test and everything for school!

Everyone was asking me what happened to my finger...and I just was like "I was changing a tire!" I didn't want to get into the whole I did it wrong and everything because people in my neighborhood are very much like women can't do anything themselves. Whatever! But hey I can do whatever I want!

Today I have to write a paper for my class tomorrow! I am really mad that Mason didn't cancel the classes for today. But everyone is give me shit about not telling my teacher about missing class next Thrusday for the Spice Girls Concert! It like doesn't really matter, right now! My dad keeps letting me that I need to do it in person, but I keep forgetting so I am just going to e-mail him! When class is over, I can't wait to leave, so I just do!

There I finally e-mailed him...because when I am at home I always remember that I am going to the Spice Girls because it is written everywhere...well better write my paper!

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liz said...

Yay for voting on time!