Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

So I've decided that my family is not too much fun. Usually we have the family friend's over for the super bowl but since we were there last night...until 1 parents decided that we just watch it ourselves. Thats not the "not too much fun" part though. Right this very second is not the fun part. My dad is sitting on this computer in my brother's (old) room, listen to the radio that the whole fucking house can here. My mom is sitting on her bed watching some TV show, that has to be louder than my dad's radio. Then my sister is in her room, she is either asleep or she is reading a book. This is not fun! And this is what we do every fucking Sunday, without fail.

My plan for today, was to do some homework so that I wouldn't have to do anything tomorrow. Monday is by day off from school (because I wanted to work) and I don't want to do anything. But instead, I didn't get up until 10 o'clock, which isn't that bad. Then I sat around for awhile thinking I was going to throw up due to the drinking last night. Then my head really started to hurt, so I went back to bed. I got up at 3 and took a shower and now I am sitting here writing another blog. This is not fun!

Well, writing a blog is better than writing a memo about an interview that I did, but still...I mean I am on the computer. I often wonder "What do normal people do??" This then implies that I don't think I am normal, which I know I am not. But who cares about what "normal people" do? It can't be that much fun, otherwise I would have already been invited, right??

Sunday has always been my homework day. When I worked and had an internship, Sunday was my day off, so that is all I would do...HOMEWORK!! Now that I have many days off, Sunday is just my sit-around-and-be-bored day. I wish something would happen on Sunday's! I know that the Super Bowl is today, but that means that my family will try and watch the game, but I want the Patriots and my sister and mom want the Gaints, so we will get in some kind of fight! Then I will get all pissed off because it's just a stupid game.

Okay, now you see what I do!! I start freaking out about something that hasn't even happened yet. The ball hasn't even gotten on to the field. The game doesn't start until like 6 EST and now it is only like 4...I hate this about myself. I also hate that I read this person's blog and now I have so many questions, but I don't want to act like a dump ass and ask them. It was The-f-word and I just have question about "good" and "bad" do I change that?? Whatever! I sure that the person could say whatever they want I would still do my own shit. I hate this!

Okay so now I need to de-stress. I have to think of happy things. Like how soon it is the even light and dark!! I can't wait because I hate walking out of my class in the dark and its only like 6 o'clock. I also can't wait for it to be warm! It is kind of nice today, like I don't have to go outside with a coat or anything, but it's not nice enough that I can be warm without long-sleeves. I also am excited about Feb. 21st because I am going to the Spice Girls concert with my sister. I have never seen them because I wasn't "allowed" to go to concert when they were popular. My sister and I are going to have so much fun!! Well that's all I got for now!

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