Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Morning

Friday mornings are the worst for me! I have no classes on Fridays and I still don't have a job, so mostly I sit around and wait for my mom to get home. It really sucks! Today is just as bad as the rest as well becasue once again my dad is home and he likes to talk talk talk to me right when I first get up. I sometimes do homework on Fridays but since it's the beginning of the semester I don't feel like I need to do homework today.

Also on Fridays, my sister usually goes out with her friends (she's 18) and I usually stay home and hang out with my parents. But today that's different. However, I am going out with a girl who doesn't understand that I am trying to quit smoking. It is really hard for me to watch people smoke right now. And when we sit in the smoking area of a resuant, I really want to smoke! It not that big of a deal really though because I am the one who decides if I smoke or not. But of course I feel like I should have a smoke when someone else is. WHATEVER!

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