Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Post because another day

So I am leaving for Toledo in 3 days. I am so excited! I finally get to leave my messed up family to see my other part of my messed up family. Its actually not too bad. I finally get to see my brother. I haven't seen him in months. I never really realized how much I miss him, until the other day when we talk on the phone for an hour. I think I was kind of boring him but it was okay. He actaully ask for advice from me, too. It was amazing. Being the sanest one in my family is kind of weird!

My dad finished IOP yesterday which is good. Then this morning at like 6:30 he wanted to talk about positive thinking. Which of course is fine...but not at 6:30...not so much! I know that he has gotten better, but he is still not well. I know that it's like I am psychoanalyzing him or whatever, but its true. What can I say, I am a psych major.

The job search is coming up a negative...I know no experience in anything that I want to do, so I can't get a job. Its a catch 22! I hate it more than anything else. I know that my dad is getting nervous about this summer but I don't know what I want to do. I think I might try and get a job in Toledo at my uncle's law firm...if he will hirer me. I don't know if my parents would be down for that, but hey its not what you know, its who you, when you try to get into a law firm. And well I know my uncle...so there! I don't know where I would live if I did that, but thats seems like a side item right now. I just need a job!!!!!!!!!

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