Thursday, July 30, 2009

What the hell happened?

This morning I wrote a post about how pissed off I was and how much I hated myself. But it is gone! What the hell did I do? And can I do it every time I feel that lets follow my day.

Well I finished the blogging. I talked to MasterBedroom and she was just being cool about the whole thing with WBK. She said that she understood. Then I eat lunch at my desk. Then instead of smoking I read New Moon for ten minutes outside. Then WBK called and that certainly made me happy. He said that he was sleeping and that he was sorry. He asked if we could do it tomorrow and I said no because I get off so early. Then I said that we could definitately do it next week. Especailly since I am going to England soon. Then I worked a bit. Then I sat around for like 45 minutes. Then I packed up the office supplies. Then I got back on the computer.

I could just say that it was WBK, but I doubt that he really has that much influence on how I feel at work. I hate this job sometimes. The people can be awesome. But they can also suck. So he could tell me he loved me a thousand times I would still be pissed at someone in my office. So maybe it was the fact that physically did something. Rather than typing on this stupid blog that no one reads, I got up out of my chair and moved the office supplies. I mean it wasn't hard or anything. But I feel happy! At least for now :)

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liz said...

Positive action leads to positive feelings!