Friday, July 31, 2009

I Hate Moving Funiture

My anxiety level is very high today. I would say I don't know the reason, but I semi-understand what is going on...

My mum called my work today and said we were moving funiture. And that WBK had to help! Then I went to the bathroom and while I was gone she left me a message changing the plan!! I am a planning! I plan every second of my life. I follow that plan to the end. I am a little OCD about it. I had a plan for this afternoon. I was going to go home and then go the bank. Then I would continue to read New Moon. Then probably nap before FridaysFriend came over. BUT NO!! My sister is moving tomorrow and my mum wants to get everything done by the time my dad get off of work. I guess he's stressed out or something. Maybe as stressed out as I am that my mum changed my plans.

But this situation doesn't for all the anxiety I am feeling. WBK and I got into a fight last night. I want to say it was a stupid fight, but it wasn't. I really wanted him to understand the way I feel about something. I mean I shouldn't have said it how I did, but nonetheless I meant what I said. By the time I was going to sleep we were fine. So how does that stress me out? Maybe it's guilt! It certainly wouldn't be the first time that I had some much guilt that I felt anxious.

Another possibility is that time is going by so slow. I feel like I have been here for hours, but I've only been here for 2! I really hate when that happens! But the problem with this being the reason I am so anxious, can't quit be true. Because when I am extremely anxious, time goes by so slow. I mean 15 minutes can feel like 3 hours. It is especially true when I have somewhere to be. And I kind of have somewhere to be. I really want to get this moving funiture thing over with, so I have to be at my mum's house. I wish I could just say no! But I can't

I am feeling really dizzy right to you later

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liz said...

Let me know if I need to bring out the cluestick for your mom. Hey! Mom! Make a plan and stick with it! Esp. if you're asking people for furniture-moving favors!