Monday, July 13, 2009

I think I might cry

Today, has been a rough day so far. This morning I wake up late but would have still been to work by 8:30. Until less than a mile away from work my car over heated. Now I would have probably driven all the way to work if this had been 2 weeks ago, but 2 weeks ago I drive like 15 miles while my car was overheating and I broke the radiator. That is now fixed. Back to this morning, I assumed that it must be out of fluid. I call my dad and he comes and puts the antifreeze in. We both look under the car at the same time and it was like a waterfall of anti-freeze. SWEET!! So we call AAA and get a tow and get it to the shop. I'm at work by 10:45. Maybe this seems all fine and shit, but this whole time I am calling people for a ride. WBK spend the night at my house last night and I assumed he would be up by 11, so I kept calling him to see if he could give me a ride home. So he didn't answer and his mailbox was full. So I of course texted him. Finally I gave up on that shit. And have a ride home from FridaysFriend. Then he finally called at like 2 o'clock. NICE

Alright once again if it was only that situation it might seem fine. But last night my BasementRoommate lets some people take stuff from our house. Now technically this stuff isn't mine or any of the other roommates, but technically it's not her's either. I of course was very angry. After a lot of thinking and getting upset, I realized that I had more of a problem with the fact that she didn't tell us. I can't believe how much I want her to move out. I mean I hate change, but it's like hurry up and get the fuck out.

Today, my MasterBedroomRoommate, called the LandLord to see if we could get satille TV, since Verizon only has FiOS in our neighborhood and we were paying almost $200. Maybe I should start from the beginning:
"At our house, each of the roommates has a bill in their name. Mine is power. BasementRoommate is cable. MasterBedroomRoommate is water. And gas is OtherRoommate (not a creative name...I will come up with a different one later). So before all the drama happened (which I still haven't told you about), it was all fine. We paid 1/4 of each bill to the person it was owed. Since the drama has happened, BasementRoommate has become a real bitch about it. If the bill is due on the 22nd, she wants the money on the 21st. Yet she doesn't say that, so we are suppose to read her mind and know. ANYWAY, last cable bill someone ordered "adult entertainment" and a few other movies off ON Demand. I (course of) opened the bill and through a series of phone calls and bitching, found out who got what. So we were clean. SoandSo had to pay the $15. Fine and fine. Since BasementRoommate is not talking to us, I decided not to tell her. Then she took the bill, called Verizon and the cable is being turned off as of the 15th ."
In the course of asking the LandLord about the satielle, MasterBedRoommate, asked about if he had approved the sublease for the BasementRoommate. The LandLord said that he doesn't care as long as we all approve of the replacement. Well that was certainly news to us. However, we had talked about how this should be the case. The LandLord also told MasterBedroomRoommate, that he had told BasementRoommate this. Oh really...interesting! So she has already found a person to replace her, and from what we hear, a few of us are a little nervous. And know we know for a fact, that we can say "Hell no!" But then the problem is that BasementRoommate has to keep living there until we agree on a person. And I have decided to take no responsibility in finding a new roommate! My name is on the lease and I am paying for my room! Maybe that's selfish...but that's life.

My life has been better, but it has certainly been worse!

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Okay so its coolant instead of anti-freeze...whatev