Monday, April 21, 2008


Last night was alright...surprisingly. But then my Girl Scout leader concelled on coffee today. This of course is good thing because I need to do homework, but I am really stressed so I feel like I should have time to bitch to her. I am sad about it. So instead of talking to her, I am going to bitch over the blog.

My family has recovered from my parents family therapy session. My dad is still in therapy even though he is not taking his meds. My mom and dad had family therapy with my dad's therapist and I guess it didn't go so well. See my parents have all this unspoken tention that they think no one knows about but of course we all do. They must have said some things to each other that wasn't so great. So they fought about it all weekend. It was of course great fun because my mom has decided to clean the whole house before my family gets here for my graduation. She needs my dad's help because half of the crap is his from the 70's. While I was doing homework they were fighting about everything. It was lame...

Also my sister is making me upset because she keeps telling me how great her life will be when she moves out. This is not exactly what is bothering me because I know that she will have a good time. However, I am not moving out nor have I ever, so while she is doing what she wants in Richmond. I will be in NOVA with my parents hearing them bitch together. I am hopefully that the whole house will change once my sister leaves. I hope that my parents will be more relaxed about her drugs addict-ness. But truthfully they should be more concerned then ever. But what do I know, I've just been in therapy for half my life...

Another thing that is making me angry is my friend OMGMyBoyfriend. We meet every Thrusday between class to just eat and chat. Well two Thrusday's ago I was sick so I didn't go to any of my class. But this Thrusday she didn't call or show up. I called her 3 times. The first to ask if she was coming. The middle to see if everything was alright and the last to make sure she got the first two. I know a little insane, but this is the second time that she has done this. She still hasn't called and I don't really know if I want to call her. She is not exactly one of the good kind of friends that I need. In fact is she is really mean about things sometimes. She is very much wanting to have a better job than me, which she will!! She is a double major and that looks good. So for every job I interview for she tells me how bad it is. I haven't told her about this job interview that I have on Wednesday because I don't want to hear her shit. I am sick of everyone bitching to me.

I also hate how everyone is stressing about job and thinking that I am fine...The recession is everywhere! I have accepted the fact that either I am going to have to take a job that I dislike or I going to paid badly. My big problem right now is that I am so positive that I am going to get this job on Wednesday. I mean I might now get it on Wednesday but they will offer me job. So of course I have stopped looking for a job, which is really bad. I have to keep looking just in case because I might not get the job because I have no experience. This makes me very upset that I am counting on something that might not come through. I am just very stressed right now.

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liz said...

You will do great tomorrow. Seriously great.

Call or email me after, okay?

And, if you'd like, I can put you in touch with my temp agency (technical temps, but they may have resources for you).