Monday, March 31, 2008


So I boy that I use to talk to a long time ago is now writting to me over e-mail. Its not like it's bad like it was before, but its kind of weird. We kind of stopped being friends after I got into a big fight with him about something stupid. That's actually all I remember was how stupid it was. I like talking to him. He is like that kind of guy I would want to date. But he is dating someone...she is really nice. I've met her before.

I do this have feeling for this boy though. I mean he is like the nicest guy ever! He was friends with me when no one else was. I really really liked him, but he just wanted to use me. Now our e-mails are nothing like they use to be. I mean we talk about his thesis and how I am graduating in May. He is graduating from this masters program. Then I think he is going on to his Ph.D. at UVA or something like that. I know he is at V. Tech right now. His girlfriend goes to UVA...I think. I don't really know the whole deal.

But whatever! I shouldn't obsess over him like I did before!

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