Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nap, Smoke and Book...sounds good to me

Lately I've been thinking that my life is kind of boring right now. That all I have to say is really just complaints about my life sucking. But truly my life has become somewhat interesting.

So on last Monday morning. I got to work and was hoping that I didn't have to pack anything. See my office is moving (only upstairs). I have found that I hate packing more than anything else in my life. So anyway, I was reading some blogs that I follow when DramaQueenWannaB come over to bosses office, but she was busy so she talked to me for a bit. Then finally she said "Let go outside." My reaction was of course "I don't smoke anymore." She said "Oh well. Lets just talk then." At that time she told me she was quitting. Her last day is the 14th and I leave for England the afternoon of the 13th. This really sucks! . Then I realized that no one would be at the front desk from the 14th through the 27th. And I also realized that since her boss and my boss are so picky that they probably won't have the temp stay. In fact they haven't decided if they are hiring anyone.

Fortunately, this made me every excited. I finally get to do more with my job. Of couse now it is Tuesday the 11th and I still have time to blog...but nonetheless it is exciting. Fortunately I have unpacked mostly everything that needs unpacking. I think that I have a few boxes left to unpack, but other than that, I am done. I finally get to wear work clothes to work. I been wearing jeans for the past few weeks and it makes me so hot. I go into room that feel like there is no ac and I'm in there until all 15 boxes are unpacked. I just want to go to work and no sweat.

Back to DramaQueenWannaB, she has become a real bitch about everything. She is doesn't want to help with anything. She acts like she is already gone and then gets mad when she is treated like she is already gone. I am kind of sick of her.

On a side note, I really want chocolate!

On to happier things! ENGLAND IS ALMOST HERE! I work a full day today and tomorrow and then a half day on Thursday then I am out of here. I can't wait! But it feels like it is taking forever! I just want to go and be there. So the plan is...that WBK will drop me off at the airport so that I can really say goodbye to him. This should be around 3 even though my flight isn't until 7. My dad is a bit crazy about the whole international flighing situation. We always have to be there really early. Then on the plane I will have some alcoholic drinks so that I pass out. Then once I get to London, I will drink Red Bull (or some other energy drink). Fligh to Newcastle then drink like 10 Red Bulls so that I don't fall asleep. This when then be Friday and I am going out with my sister, cousin and his girlfriend. I am really excited! I can't stand it much longer.

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