Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The boredum is overwhelming

I'm at work and all I can think about is England. I wish I was there right now. Or at least at home getting stuff done for England. I feel like I have so much to do, but truly it's not that much. I have to pack and paint my toe nails. That's about it. But I guess to pack I have to have a suit case and decide what I am going to bring. Everytime I look at a dress in my closet, I throw it on the pile of stuff I am going to pack. It's kind of amazing the amount of clothes that I think I will need. I mean I am only going for 13 days. And two of those days I can where the same thing.

Work is super slow because of the move. I thought that I would be unpacking for days and today is really my last day. But I did everything I needed to do so that I could leave on Thursday. I am leaving work at noon. And then probably doing a few things before going to the airport. I can't stand it anymore. It almost seems like a waste for me to be at work. I am not getting anything done. If I had a lot of time to take off, I would. But unfortunately after England, I won't be able to take another day off the entire year. Oh well! England is worth it! Well at least it seems that way.

I am also very tired. I wish I could take a nap. I don't know if because I am physically doing stuff at work or if I am not sleeping well. Or it just could be boredum. If I am not doing anything then I feel tired. I'm extremely hungry. I def believe that is from the physical labor I am experiencing at work. I am also mental far off...I believe that my body believes I am already in England!

I feel like time is passing so slowly. And I know this is due to the fact that I am doing nothing. When I write blogs or chat online, time goes by so quickly, but if I am sitting around waiting for something to happen, I am looking at the clock every two seconds. It's actually become every 30 minutes. I am sure then next time I look at the clock it will be 1:29! It is so obnoxious. I hate it more than I hate being at work. I feel like I have nothing to do. I know that I have a few things that I could be doing, but I just don't care. I should be doing "How to" stuff for the temps that are coming in while I am away. But I feel like nothing will help them. They kind of need to be thrown into the situation. I could make a birthday list...maybe I should do that....we'll see...

I haven't smoked since the 5th. I haven't had time at work to even step outside and smoke. And at home I am happy to just chill. I sometimes feel like I could have a cig (like right now), but that is usually due to boredum or just routine. My routine in the morning use to be to get up and smoke, but now I just get up and sit outside. I am sure that will end soon especially if it rains or it's cold. I know in England that I will just do whatever. In England, you have to smoke outside everywhere (Virginia doesn't have that law yet) and it will only be in the 60's (or the upper teens if you are in metric) the whole time I am there, so coldness doesn't make me want to go outside. I am staying with my Auntie Sas, and she doesn't smoke, my Uncle K might but I am not sure. I believe that LondonCuz doesn't smoke. So that will be good. I know my sister will be smoking but I always see her and I will want to be with my Cuzs. And there significant others! Okay...maybe birthday list time?

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